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The Job Opportunity:

The Indian Public Sector Banks have been declaring thousands of vacancies for post of Bank Clerk for the past few years.

Earlier the concerned bank itself used to conduct the written exam and personal interview of the candidate. State Bank of India’s Central Recruitment and Promotion Department conducts the recruitment exam for State Bank of India. The recruitment exams for the other Indian Public Sector Banks are being conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS).

Reasons behind this Job Opportunity: 

The Indian Public Sector Banks had not recruited employees for a period of almost ten to fifteen years. Therefore on account of mass retirement of its old employees there is a huge requirement for new employees in these banks.

The old employees were finding it difficult to adapt themselves to the new technology. So they took voluntary retirement, because they found that their monthly income before retirement and after retirement will almost remain the same. Hence more vacancies were created.

During the earlier stages of the recruitment the remuneration provided to the new employees was very meager. Also the newly employed candidates were forced to work as much as the senior employees worked. No discrimination of work was made on the basis of their salary. This rooted the feeling or exploitation among the newly employed staff. Hence they quit their jobs to get rid of this injustice. This led to heavy attrition in the Indian Public Sector Banks. This is still the major reason for the creation of thousands of vacancies. 

The newly employed staff works hard to learn from the old staff. The old staff does not want to teach the new staff for the fear of losing their importance in the office. The old staff does not teach his secret techniques of work to anybody else, so as to maintain the importance of his position in the office.This also ensures him stability in his daily life because he is saved from learning and practicing new things. This is basically the reason, why the employees in the banking sector are not very skillful. On account of lack of skills the work suffers and the employees get scolding. The newly appointed employee weighs the insult in comparison to his salary. The moment he finds it unjust to stay, he leaves. This leads to vacancies.

The newly appointed employees are exploited in the name of Probation. They are forced to wait in the office and do extra work against their will. They are not paid for this extra work. The employee’s health deteriorates on account of this exploitation. Hence the employee leaves and new vacancies are created.
The Indian Public Sector Banks used to provide posting to the newly recruited staff in rural locations where the basic infrastructure facilities like pure drinking water, toilets etc. were also not available. Therefore the selected candidates did not join even after their selection in the bank. This led to vacant seats.

The Indian Public Sector Banks are now providing posting to the newly recruited staff in metropolitan locations like Mumbai, where the cost of living is very high. The newly recruited staff finds it very difficult to survive. Hence they decide not to join the bank despite of their selection in the bank. Those who join the bank need to invest their hard earned money, for the purpose of lease and deposit to make themselves comfortable in Mumbai. The poor candidates need to leave this job opportunity. This leads to vacant seats.

There is a lot of Casteism especially in the Indian Public Sector Banks. You will find that the employees belonging to the reserved category are mostly handling the most difficult jobs in these banks. Also when a candidate from the reserved category joins the bank in a rural area he faces a lot of discrimination. An inferiority complex develops and he gets depressed. To get rid of his sufferings, he leaves the job. New vacancies are created.

There is a lot of Regionalism in the banks. The people belonging to a particular region do not accept a new candidate from a different region in their group. Thus the new candidate suffers only because he belongs to a different region. This new employee is targeted by the group of employees belonging to the majority for no reason at all, but just for the sake of entertainment. This harassment cannot be reported by the new employee because he is on probation. So when he cannot tolerate the insult, he leaves.

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